Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keep To Movin'

I've seldom used this forum to post reviews, but Keep To Movin' -- the latest offering by the Rock/Americana/Alt.Country group Graylight Campfire -- just screams for exception.

They're "Straight-up 3 piece rock and/or roll with a little twang and a positive vibe" and quite possibly the finest musical act to emerge from Fairfield County.

(photo by Mike Thut/Terrapin Studio)

Graylight Campfire, "the super-delegates of rock n roll", is made up of former Rafter Bats, Dave Hogan on guitar/vocals and Brian O'Callaghan on bass/vocals, and Pete May on drums. Dave and Brian also perform as an acoustic duo.

Keep To Movin' is the Stratford, Connecticut band's follow-up to 2008's All Are Welcome Some May Stay and there's no sophmore slump here.
The album kicks off with the warm and welcoming "Hello Old Friend", a country rocker that'll have the listener tapping their toes and singing along on the chorus. The toe-tappin' quickly turns to foot-stompin' with the next track "Start All Over". From there the band continues to explore various musical genres, from ska to southern tinged rock-n-blues, and rockers reminiscent of the Stones or Faces. Their playing has a fresh but rootsy feel and there's plenty of twang. The vocal harmonies are also of note. AND these boys can jam. Some of the heavier moments conjure up images of a Yellow Fever-era Hot Tuna. Most of all what makes this album a stand out is the songwriting. Mr. Hogan wrote 5 of the albums tracks, with the remainder penned by/or co written with Brian O'callaghan.
On this outing the trio is augmented by guest musicians Scott Camara, "T-Bone" Stone, and Dan Tressler on dobro, keyboards, and fiddle respectively.
I know it's only March, but this IS a top ten release for 2010. Buy it.

Here's a couple of videos of the group performing material featured on this album.

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