Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Of Music's Finest Songwriters And Social Critics

Ray Davies: Life's Great Balancing Act, the Possibility of a Kinks Reunion and More
A fantastic article (by Chris Parker) on the man behind the Kinks.
In other Kinks news, the December 8 release of Picture Book, a six-disc box set that tacks rarities, live cuts and demos onto the typical array of classic singles and fan favorites. More than 130 tracks made the final tracklisting, which is backed by a 60-page booklet.

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Anonymous said...

God save the Kinks...Rock Bands come and Rock Bands Go but Rock & Roll & the Kinks and all their loyal fans who have stuck by them and supported them through the years will go on forever. - Frank Lima, The Montvale, New Jersey Hillbilly Boy aka Dan the Fan