Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barry O. and Beer


When it comes to beer, I'm not elitist. I'm a snob.

I would of thought Barrack a 40 oz. man

Coming Out of the Closet

Homeless Japanese woman lives undetected in stranger's closet for over a year. via Coast to Coast.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Mark Your Calendar!

June 12th is Carbon Belch Day! , a conservative grassroots group, wants people to waste as much energy as possible on June 12 by "hosting a barbecue, going for a drive, watching television, leaving a few lights on, or even smoking a few cigars."

"It's time for Americans to purge ourselves of the false guilt that Al Gore and the climate alarmists have placed on us," says President Steve Elliott.
Carbon Belch Day sure sounds like a lot more fun than that Earth Hour observance.

Anheuser-Busch Sells Bud...

So why does the ATF have a problem with Weed?
Mt. Shasta Brewing Co. draws the ATF's ire.

B. Hussein O.

Uncyclopedia invites us to "Meet the Candidate".
This election bull is getting me down.
I figured we could all use some levity.

Brewery Burns!

No, it wasn't Jimmy's.
Flames erupted Thursday evening at the F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica,NY. Described as a toxic fire, the Utica police department evacuated residents living around the plant, which is located on Varick Street.
New York's oldest brewery, it was founded in 1888 by Francis Xavier Matt and has stayed in the family for 4 generations.
Always a positive presence at local and regional beer festivals they are an historic brewer of many different brands, most notably Saranac, and Utica Club.
“We will rebuild, We’ve been in business 120 years. This is a speed bump.”~Vice President Fred Matt
MC and I had visited the facility nearly 10 years ago.
Here's a photo gallery courtesy of
Perhaps karma? - I was unable to reach Sharon Stone for comment.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Miles Davis was one of the greatest visionaries and most important figures in jazz history.
The jazz trumpeter, composer, bandleader, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee changed the face of modern music through his influence and innovations.
This date in history marks the birthday of Miles Davis.
The video is from a 1970 show at Tanglewood..

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life is Cheap in the World of Professional Sports

Player Traded for 10 Baseball Bats-via AOL Sports.

Bob Dylan

Today is Bob Dylan's birthday. Whatever.
He was a very talented artist. I'm still a fan, and still enjoy some of his music, but he so much as farts these days and critics everywhere are lined up to felate him. He doesn't need any further accolades from me, so I'll just bid him happy birthday and wish him well.

Prohibition?, Legalization?, Decriminalization?, ...

... or something else?, an even better solution.
During one of my regular visits to the NORML website, I followed this link to an article on B. Hussein O.'s ever-evolving views on marijuana ( a nice way of saying that he constantly flip flops on this issue so he can tell the audience what they want to hear) .
In the comments section I read this individual's profound and well written proposal. It's a solution that seems to make a world of sense and I felt obliged to post it here ( I took the liberty of linking some of his text for clarification).

"There's another position that's mid-way between decriminalization and legalization- continuing to forbid the commercial trade in marijuana, while allowing adults to cultivate small quantities for personal use. This policy has a precedent in present laws that allow home brewing of beer and wine.
From the Wikipedia entry on Homebrewing:
"...most states permit homebrewing, allowing 100 gallons of beer per person over the age of 21 per household, up to a maximum of 200 gallons per year. Because alcohol is taxed by the federal governments via excise taxes, homebrewers are restricted from selling any beer they brew."

The problem with mere decriminalization is that it doesn't addresss the fact that the decriminalized personal possessors must still obtain their marijuana from illegal sources. That isn't a satisfactory answer, because the most negative impact of using cannabis- both to the individual and to society- is continual contact with the world of career criminals and their associated behaviors. That factor that has only increased over time under Zero Tolerance, through a sort of Gresham's Law of Drug Dealing- the conditions of prohibition advantage career criminals with propensities toward violence and antisocial behavior at the expense of those who aren't willing to compete with violence and antisociality in return, or to risk ruinous legal penalties- people like amateur home growers of small quantities of cannabis. The drug dealers who most adopt the behaviors of career criminals are able and willing to adapt to threats like incarceration- that's part of the key to success in such a field, after all. And as a criminal vocation, the opportunities arising from profiteering through dealing in "substances presently declared illegal" is unmatched. The way to strike at the root of that societal problem is to remove as much of the customer base from the drug dealers as possible- which could be easily achieved in the case of marijuana, simply by allowing the cultivation of a few plants by a household.
As for the other alternative, legalization- it's unnecessary, overly complicated to enact as law, and a political loser. Inevitably, working out the policy would involve a complex and fractious snarl of government bureaucracies, agencies, and lobbies- the FDA, the IRS, the insurance companies, various medical lobbies and their lawyers, and, of course, the private interests of corporate profiteers seeking to take over from the illegal dealers. And assuming that it could be worked out, the legal market could always be undercut by home cultivation- which I cynically suspect would remain illegal under any "legalization" program promulgated by the Federal government. Entirely possible that "legalization" would be a net loss, given that fact. If fact, I'm frankly sympathetic to some of the objections raised by opponents of the legalization of marijuana as an item of interstate commerce. I'm frankly worried that the legal "commercialization" of marijuana would probably look awfully foul in the hands of a government-licensed corporate oligopoly- especially if it simply followed along with the disingenuous propaganda campaigns presently pursued by the alcohol industry, and the psycho-pharmaceutical industry. What's needed is a way to allow adults to have access to this relatively non-toxic natural plant substance if they want it, while removing the money factor out of the equation as much as possible. That money is healthier as a windfall return of surplus income to individuals than as "tax money", anyway- healthier for the individual, the economy, and for a government that shouldn't be encouraged to become reliant on peoples drug consumption habits for its funding. And the way to do that is to allow home growers to cultivate a few plants to provide themselves and their adult friends with a reasonable amount of marijuana for their own use, while continuing to prohibit their ability to stockpile huge quantities, or to sell it. Marijuana can be grown easily and cheaply all over the country- preferably in small garden plots or window boxes, outdoors in the sunshine, where it belongs.
[ note: I'm roughly as sick of high-dollar profiteering "compassionate caregivers" as the DEA is, at this point- opportunists taking advantage of medical marijuana laws to grow and deal in huge quantities of herb at $400/oz. They threaten to ruin it for the people who obtain the most benefit from it. ]
The personal-use cultivation reform won't solve every problem associated with cannabis use, but it will solve the big ones. To name one important consequence: while teenagers will undoubtedly sneak marijuana from their pot-using parents and share it with their friends just as many have traditionally done with beer and alcohol, they will no longer be recruited as foot soldiers in the retail end of the Underground Empire of the illegal drug trade inspired by Zero Tolerance, which is how matters have been playing out for around the last 40+ years.Finally, this sage advice isn't original with me- support for legalized possession and private cultivation of small amounts of marijuana by adults was endorsed as far back as the Shafer Commission, a blue-ribbon panel picked in the early 1970s by then-President Richard Nixon- who thereupon tore up the report; and the same policy reform was also supported by an expert panel of the National Academy of Sciences in 1982, who delivered their findings to President Ronald Reagan- who thereupon tore up the report." ~cabdriver

Bless you 'cabdriver', whoever you are.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where Will the Nanny-State Madness End?

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld a 2006 district court ruling that could force the United States to redesign its money so blind people can distinguish between values.Via

Brain Damage

No, this isn't another Ted Kennedy post.
Fans of Pink Floyd should check out this awesome podcast.
I suggest you scroll down and give a listen to show #97, originally broadcast October 26,2007.It begins with an excellent recording taken from the soundboard on the 9th August, 1969 at The Paradiso in Amsterdam. The gig was recorded by a Dutch radio station for a future broadcast unfortunately a microphone failure on the bands vocals forced them to perform an instrumental set. Trippy shit.

Do They Think They're F#*%ing Royalty?!

Doesn't that senate seat belong to the people and not their corrupt family?
Ted Kennedy wants to keep his senate seat in the family.He would like to name his wife as his successor.
There is no divine right of dynastic succession.
I am sickened by the Kennedys, and even more so by the way (some of) the American public has elevated them atop a pedestal.
This nonsense has gone on so long that those clowns believe that bullshit Camelot myth themselves.
I hope the people of Massachusetts will wake up and vote for someone other than a Kennedy to represent them in the senate.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Conservative Punk

Punk music has been, and still is, one of the most heavy-handed genres of music there is. Unfortunately the topics of such heavy-handed songs are almost always seeped in left wing propaganda, bumper sticker rallying calls and oversimplifications of otherwise complex topics. Unfortunately the websites established by such bands to further their political views don't offer much more by way of information and truth than the music does. We at conservative punk mean to be the foil to this trend. We plan on filling in the gaps. We will offer our own views while still urging young punks to search for their own conclusions. Hopefully in doing so we will energize and excite young people enough to become engaged in politics and exercise their power at the ballot box.
I stumbled upon the above, interesting and informative site a few days ago.
I was posting a piece on Pete Townshend's birthday and it occurred to me that Joey Ramone (Jefferey Hyman) was born on the same date (6 years later).
Politically, Joey was a knee-jerk liberal, but I did find this cool quote:"The Democrats want my guns and the Republicans want my porno mags and I ain't giving up either".
Johnny Ramone (John Cummings) , on the other hand, was "A fascistic, right-wing fanatic who was anti-gun control and was a big supporter of GW Bush, the Iraqi invasion, etc."~Robert Barry Francos. Actually, Francos was being more than a bit extreme about the rocker's conservative views.
Does anyone remember when The Ramones were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? As part of his acceptance speech Johnny, a staunch republican who always believed "punk should be right-wing.", declared "god bless America, and god bless President Bush!".
Johnny, who died in 2004, once said: 'People drift towards liberalism at a young age, and I always hope they change when they see how the world really is.'
... ANYWAY, while searching for info on Johnny's political views, I discovered Conservative Punk.
I also came across this top 10 list of right-wing rockers.
I guess pop music is more than just the bleeding hearts and artists on the left.We just hear about those liberal media darlings more often.

Dog and Deer

via Coast to Coast AM.

Sun Ra

Innovative jazz musician Sun Ra (born Herman Poole Blount) was born on this date in 1914.
The visionary band-leader, composer, and teacher was one of the first jazzmen to use two basses, to employ the electric bass, to play electronic keyboards, to use extensive percussion and poly-rhythms, and to pioneer solo and group improvisation.
Although Sun Ra passed in 1993, his Arkestra continues to tour.
I recall when he played the Central Park Summer Stage, nearly 20 years ago, with Sonic Youth. That was one strange trip!
"Yeah, Sun Ra's out to lunch... same place I eat at!"~George Clinton(P-Funk)
On a more personal note, 3 of my CT friends were also born on this date.
Happy Birthday! to Robin, Ivan, and Liz.

Interactive Toilet - a New Kind of Pissing Contest

It seems that more than beer has been brewing in Belgium. via Breitbart.
Jimmy had posted about a related video game.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Savage Look at Ted Kennedy's Political Record

The tragic cancer diagnosis of senator Kennedy is indeed sad, but before he's canonized by the leftist media one should look at his voting record. via

Italian Spiderman!!!

It's here!!
ALRUGO Entertainment presents the first episode of The Italian Spiderman Movie. The Italian Spiderman Movie will be brought to you in 10 weekly installments so stay tuned for more Spiderman action!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Red State Update Update

Those good ol' boys from RSU and their topical political satire are in the news again. via Murfreesboro post.

Hope I Die Before I Get Old?

Pete Townshend is 63 years old today!
The award-winning English rock guitarist, singer, song writer, and composer is most famous for his work with The Who.
The Who was one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s and 70s, and recognized as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time.
"The people at Woodstock really were a bunch of hypocrites claiming a cosmic revolution simply because they took over a field, broke down some fences, imbibed bad acid and then tried to run out without paying the band."~Pete Townshend

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Start Spreading the News... provides detailed info, including maps and menus, on all the best beer in New York, New York.
The website started by two brothers currently lists more than 250 menus and nearly 1400 beers.
The site also includes news on upcoming beer events, including their own launch party on 5/24.
I've also included this list of the city's cheap brews, for the more budget conscious, from New York Magazine.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Since No one's Mentioned it Lately...

I thought I'd provide an update, just in case anyone was curious.

Horse Power

The Naturmobil provides an alternative form of transportation. via Coast to Coast.
This new vehicle is powered by a horse on a treadmill inside the cart.
The invention brings to mind The Busycle Project.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Wonderful World of Larry Carlson

Check out this mind blowing artwork from visionary multimedia artist Larry Carlson.
It's a great place to visit for films, photos, and trippy interactive time killers.
Larry's work can also be found on YouTube.

Cover Browser

Cool website lets you explore galleries of 1,000's of covers, from comic books to pulp to magazines.The list of "Worst Album Covers" is a great place to start!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Country Legend Eddie Arnold Dead at 89

The Tennessee Plowboy, Country Music Hall of Famer Eddie Arnold passed away this morning at age 89.
Arnold died in Franklin Tennessee just 1 week shy of his 90th birthday.

Papa John Creach

I thought it was worth mentioning that today was the anniversary of the birthday of Papa John Creach.
The talented violinist had performed with Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane, and Jefferson Starship, among others.
He passed away in 1994.

JFK Revisited

Mallard Fillmore

An Idiot's Take on the Election

I fail to see why the MSM has such a love affair with this inexperienced mullato.
Yes, I said MULLATO not biracial.
I refuse to kowtow to the liberal-fascists who have made political correctness the new McCarthyism.
If they (the media) are trying to back a black candidate, shouldn't they pick a black man?
This joker tries come across as a champion of the downtrodden, but he's as upper class and elitist as the moron who currently mis-leads us.
Barry O. drones on ad nauseam about change.
Change what? and Change how?
The man can't seem to speak without the teleprompter in sight. For his campaign that's a good thing, because when he tried, he denounced and alienated the common man and he's still feeling the backlash of that gun and bible comment.
Uh-Oh!, I probably stepped on some more pc toes by saying backlash about a black man.
It's becoming ever apparent that neither one of these little tyrants is capable of leading this once great nation.
Hillary can not tell fact from fiction.
She, like her dirt bag hubby, can't seem to open her mouth without spewing lies.
This election has made at least one thing perfectly clear; Howard Dean could never have been a good president.Hell, he can't even run the Democratic party.
This circus has gone on too long over there.
The constituents in both Michigan and Florida have been snubbed by Dean and the DNC. Barrack Hussein snubbed the voters in Michigan by not appearing on their ballot.
I guess he doesn't want there support.
As for McCain, I by no means endorse him, the spineless RINO.
He and Ted Kennedy can go fuck themselves!
Unfortunately, I believe he'll be the least immediately harmful to the country.
But what do I know? I'm a fucking idiot, but at least I admit it. So go ahead hate me. I hate me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Neil Young to Release Archive on Blu-Ray

This fall, Young plans to release a comprehensive archive of music and videos dating back to 1963 on a series of interactive Blu-ray discs. via CNET News.
Here's an unrelated, Neil Young Related video.

A Downtown View

This building is across from the Amsterdam police station.
I've not had the pleasure of being inside either.(photo by MC)

More Environmental Hypocrisy

Celebrity hippy-crites would have you do as they say, not as they do. via
I guess Al Gore is not the only enviro- clown in this eco-circus.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

P.J. O'Rourke

Matt links to this sage wisdom.
There was one quote contained therein, that I feel must be addressed further; "We were the generation that believed we could stop the Vietnam War by growing our hair long and dressing like circus clowns."
When I read this my mind races to images of the Rainbow Family and their gatherings.
They seem to feel that they can save the world by doing lots of drugs in their naked drum circles deep in the woods, and praying for peace.
The whole notion seems silly to me, and makes me think about Tibet-but that's a whole other post.

Brokeback Mountain Buns Wins Two Webbys!

Brokeback Mountain Buns, the short film from Angry Alien Productions, wins for Online Film and Video/Animation, plus the People's Voice award in that category at the 12th annual Webby Awards.
Take a trip over to Julie's site for more on the Webby Awards.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Baseball Feud Fuels Fatal Attack

New Hampshire woman retaliates against Red Sox rivals, resulting in death. Ivonne Hernandez loves her Yankees.
Now that's team spirit.

Vintage Ads

Dieting, Cigarettes, Hygiene,

Fun and informative
Click to Enlarge!

Italian Spiderman Update

Part one of the full Italian Spiderman movie will hit the net MAY 22!!!

The full movie will be posted in weekly installments, beginning MAY 22 on Youtube, Myspace and Yahoo,so slip on your excitement gloves!

Keep posted!

An Eternal Love of Beer

An Illinois man has designed a coffin to resemble a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon!
He plans to be laid to rest in it, but for now it will serve as a mighty fine cooler.
Here's a link to the Pabst Brewing website.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Big Brown Wins!

... Eight Belles is put-down after finishing 2nd. A bittersweet victory? Talk about beating a dead horse.
yes, I know. I'm sick. I need help.
Fear not. A warm room awaits my arrival in the afterlife.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Samuel L. Jackson Soundboard

You can play some of your favorite Samuel L. Jackson sound bites!
(requires flash player)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

D.C. Madam found Dead

Suicide?, They called the death of Vince Foster a suicide.

Talk about phoning it in...

I've heard of phone sex, but this is a first: Family alleges daughter lost her virginity in sexy call.
I question the validity of the accusation, besides she could've just hung-up.