Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Americana Outlaw Murder Ballad Queen

"Some people have cars, some people have houses
hell some folks are married...but that's all the same to me as long I have my guitar and my songs..."

Texas-based songstress Izzy Cox (aka the “Murder Ballad Queen”) croons in a clear, honeyed soprano that slinks and slides against voodoobilly jazz, bouncy Western swing and honky tonkin’ blues. Her songs reflect a perverse sense of humor and feature a colorful cast of hard-bitten women, from a hoodoovoodoo type of girl who likes switchblades and Colt 45, to a mad woman in the 'Number Nine Ward' with voices in her head telling her she’s dead, to “Belle Gunness,” one of America’s most notorious female serial killers.

A bit of swing, jazz, country and old time --with a dark twist, Cox's songs are influenced by old movie soundtracks, old time bar room blues, and country singers. Her lyrics are like diary entries; stories of serial killers, buckaroo cowboys, and snake handlers.
Izzy had an unusual childhood, for the formative years of her life she would live in both rural Texas, and Montreal.Throughout her moving around she was part of a religious organization where she played in marching bands. At the age of twelve she found the traveling bug, she lived and worked in horse racing tracks, traveled with circuses and took part of many early punk rock mosh pits.

Izzy Cox has dedicated her life to touring & playing music & writing songs about her experiences.

Below you will find an in-studio performance by Izzy Cox & The Naughty Outlaws from KAOS radio.

1) Bad Bad Woman 2) Lazy Feista (Just a Feeling) 3) I Had a Dream Last Night 4) It Must Be Love 5) Electric Chair 6) Hoodoovoodoobilly Gal 7) Alone And Forsaken 8) Fucking And Fighting 9) Man of the Cloth 10) Killer From Hawaii 11) Killing My Own Kind 12) Devil Devil > Belle Gunness

Bonus Video:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shotgun Party

Sorry MC, no "sporting equipment", I refer to the fantastic musicians that comprise the old time pickin' band Shotgun Party.

The original Shotgun Party trio, "Two females and one bass slappin' man," met in a little Texas dive bar in 2006. They got their start performing weekly at Austin's own Continental Club. Their original songs are beautiful and timeless drawing influences from early blues, country, bluegrass and depression era swing.

In the player below, you'll find a wonderful set performed live in the KAOS studio for the Smooth & Demented Show from August 2007.

Track Listing:
1) Haunted House Bear
2) More Romantic Than Texas
3) The Builder
4) Operatar
5) Little Heart Tune
6) Holy Needles
7) Yell Out the Chords
8) New Mexico
9) Travelin' On

... and if you like what you hear, be sure not to miss this related post!

"a little bit of Betty Boop, a little bit of bluegrass and an entire zoo of instruments..."

Today's Date In Music History:

The Asylum Street Spankers Live at Cedar Cultural Center Minneapolis, MN - November 22, 2006

They've been called a postmodern jug band and "Hee-Haw for hipsters," among other things. The Asylum Street Spankers combine theatrics, comedy and jaw-dropping musicianship to give their audience a new dimension in live musical entertainment--a fine balance between sin and salvation.
The Asylum Street Spankers began 15 years ago during a booze and hallucinogen-fueled party in Texas. Since then the revolving-door Austin ensemble has performed a unique brand of acoustic music that mixes sounds of the 1920's and 1930's with punk attitude and ribald humor.

Setlist: 1) Monkey Rag 2) Golden Fleece 3) Asylum Street Blues 4) Breathin' 5) Leaf Blower 6) Think About your Troubles 7) You Only Love Me For My Lunchbox 8) banter
9) Smokin' Resin From A Tin Can 10) Wake & Bake 11) Hick Hop 12) Why Do It Right?
13) banter 14) Tight Like That 15) My Favorite Record 16) Winning The War On Drugs
17) The Minor Waltz 18) banter 19) Big Noise At Winnetka
20) Don't Ask No Questions 21) Oh Daddy 22) Stick Magnetic Ribbons On Your SUV
23) If You Love Me (You'll Sleep On The Wet Spot) 24) Wammo's Blues 25) Smokey Dokey 26) Sidekick 27) banter 28) Digga Digga Do 29) crowd/banter 30) BEER

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yankees Win!!!!

The New York Yankees have won their 27th World Championship.

The following column appeared on October 28th at
The piece draws some interesting comparisons between the two cities (New York and Philadelphia) and also successfully predicts the outcome.

Tale of the Tape: Why the New York Yankees will win the World Series.

The last time the New York Yankees played the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series, "The House That Ruth Built" was a mere-twentysomething, no stadiums had corporate names, and the Yankees beat the Phillies 4-0.

In the ensuing 60 years, much has happened.

So, let’s compare New York and Philadelphia in nine random categories, and see which town measures up.


Delaware vs. Hudson

Philly: Named for an Indian tribe who was already in America.
NY: Named for a Dutch explorer who came from hundreds of miles away.

Edge: New York

Cheese Steak & Cream Cheese vs. Hot Dog & Cheese Cake

Nathan’s New York hot dogs known world wide; and cream cheese is key ingredient in Cheese Cake. Cheese steak tougher to eat at a ball park, but you only need one.


FAMOUS COMEDIANS who are Black, Jewish and Chubby:
Bill Cosby, David Brenner, Curly Joe DeRita vs.
Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Jackie Gleason

Edge: Slight edge to New York by a “Bang zoom to the Moon, Alice.” DeRita was one of the fake Curly’s, not even a real Stooge.

New Year’s Eve Host:
Dick Clark vs. Guy Lombardo

Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve vs. Lombardo’s band called the “Royal Canadians”? Not even an American. No contest.

Edge: Philadelphia

Airports named after famous people:
Philadelphia International Airport vs. LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport.

Philly could not find a famous dead guy to name their airport after? What about Franklin? You name everything else after him.
NY: A mayor and a president trumps “international”.

Edge: New York

Patriotic Symbol:
Liberty Bell vs. Statue of Liberty

NY: On display in the Harbor, welcomes the tired, the poor and the wretched refuse yearning to breath free.
Philly: Keeps it locked up, and besides, it has a crack in it. Spend a couple of bucks, fix that thing.

Edge: New York

Signers of Declaration of Independence:
Ben Franklin vs. Lewis Morris, Francis Lewis, Philip Livingston, William Floyd

The inventor of electricity had time to fly a kite, invent the pot belly stove, and then still kick back with hot 18th century chicks.
NY: Who are these four guys?

Edge: Philadelphia

Team Symbol:
Big Red “P” vs. The Yankee Pinstripes.

NY: Copied worldwide.
Philly: A big red “P”. Yeah, like that’s creative.

Edge: New York

Bridge Connected to New Jersey:
Ben Franklin Bridge vs. Outerbridge Crossing

Philly: Named for you know who.
NY: “Outerbridge Crossing”, named for Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge. Who is this guy?

Edge: Philadelphia

Tale of the Tape: New York 5, Philadelphia 3. One tie.

Edge: New York

My prediction: Yankees in 6.

Pass The Popcorn Please has a related post, a short film (about 1 min.), that satirizes those fans that jump on a winning team's bandwagon.

My prediction, I predict this victory will stimulate the sale of Yankee merchandise.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Gov't Mule - 10.31.2009 - Tower Theatre - Upper Darby, PA

This Halloween Gov't Mule played a set of Rolling Stones covers.

Under My Thumb
Monkey Man
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo *
Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
Ventilator Blues *
Shattered* (with Matt Abts on Lead Vocal, Danny on Bass & Jorgen on Drums)
Wild Horses
Slave *
Gimmie Shelter *
Play With Fire
Paint It Black
Bitch *
Brown Sugar *

entire set and encore with Jackie Greene
* with Steve Elson on Sax

Here's a clip from the show, in which drummer Matt Abts does his best Jagger strut:

watch in better quality (much better sound)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Keith Noel Emerson

British keyboard player and composer Keith Emerson was born 65 years ago today. Keith is best known for his work with progressive rock supergroup Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
Emerson grew up in the seaside resort of Worthing, West Sussex, England. As a child, he learned western classical music, from which he derived a lot of inspiration to create his own style, combining classical music, jazz, and rock themes.
Emerson became intrigued with the Hammond organ after hearing jazz organist Jack McDuff perform "Rock Candy" and it subsequently became his instrument of choice

The song in preceding video, "Knife Edge", is based on Sinfonietta by Leoš Janáček.Keith Emerson has recorded many pieces based on other composers' works (a list rivaled only by Jimmy Page).

Bonus: here's a link to view ELP Live at California Jam 1974 (53 min.)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

RIP Norton Buffalo

Blues harmonica virtuoso Norton Buffalo died Friday October 30th, following a brief battle with lung cancer.
Buffalo had been posting updates on his fight with the illness on his website, including information that the cancer was at an advanced stage and had spread to his brain.

Norton Buffalo played rock for years with the Steve Miller Band in the 70s, but had the ability to play many genres, with an emphasis on blues, rock and honky tonk. He toured this summer with Steve Miller and had many plans in the works when he learned he was sick.
Norton was 58 years old.