Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bob Takes A Swing At A-Rod

"A-Rod. Alex Rodriquez third baseman for the New York Yankees. Do you realize that in 2003 this guy tested positive for steroids? 103 other players tested positive for steroids in 2003. That's 5 percent of Major League Baseball was doing steroids in 2003.

Did you ever hear about it? Were any of these guys ever prosecuted? Why not? Do you know it's a crime to do steroids in this country? Not just in Major League Baseball. But, in this country.

You have guys sitting in jail today who smoked crack, sniffed cocain, smoked weed and did steroids. Where's Alex Rodriquez?

He's sitting on a beach in Aruba sucking on the sagging tits of some geriatric pop star. And you think that's fair? You think if some guy was doing coke in the bathroom of Yankee Stadium, Major League Baseball and the Yankees wouldn't have prosecuted him to the full extent of the law? You think if some guy stole a freaking bobblehead from one of their stupid concession stands, he wouldn't be prosecuted? Of course he would! Cause it's a crime!

But, I guess you don't get prosecuted when you make 300 million dollars a year and can hit a freaking baseball.

Aren't you people sick of these freaking celebrities getting treated better than you? Aren't you sick of it? Why don't you do something? Why don't you stop buying Alex Rodriquez jerseys? Why don't you stop buying Yankee hats? Why don't you stop going to baseball games? You love baseball so much/ Go to a freaking college game! You don't have to watch these pieces of trash!!

You think major League Baseball really cares that Alex Rodriquz is doing steroids.? They don't care if he's doing steroids or shooting heroin in the freaking dugout. As long as you go to the stadium and spend 8 dollars on peanuts, 12 dollars on freaking beer and 100 dollars on an Alex Rodriquez shirt!

When are you people gonna freaking get it?!

And then Alex Rodriquez. He gets asked the other day, did you do steroids? He could stand up! He could stand up and act like a man and either admit his guilt or innocence. What does he do? He says, talk to the union. I have nothing to say.

Oh you got nothing to say? You know what Alex, Fuck You! Fuck You you arrogant piece of shit! FUCK YOU!!!"

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