Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Americana Outlaw Murder Ballad Queen

"Some people have cars, some people have houses
hell some folks are married...but that's all the same to me as long I have my guitar and my songs..."

Texas-based songstress Izzy Cox (aka the “Murder Ballad Queen”) croons in a clear, honeyed soprano that slinks and slides against voodoobilly jazz, bouncy Western swing and honky tonkin’ blues. Her songs reflect a perverse sense of humor and feature a colorful cast of hard-bitten women, from a hoodoovoodoo type of girl who likes switchblades and Colt 45, to a mad woman in the 'Number Nine Ward' with voices in her head telling her she’s dead, to “Belle Gunness,” one of America’s most notorious female serial killers.

A bit of swing, jazz, country and old time --with a dark twist, Cox's songs are influenced by old movie soundtracks, old time bar room blues, and country singers. Her lyrics are like diary entries; stories of serial killers, buckaroo cowboys, and snake handlers.
Izzy had an unusual childhood, for the formative years of her life she would live in both rural Texas, and Montreal.Throughout her moving around she was part of a religious organization where she played in marching bands. At the age of twelve she found the traveling bug, she lived and worked in horse racing tracks, traveled with circuses and took part of many early punk rock mosh pits.

Izzy Cox has dedicated her life to touring & playing music & writing songs about her experiences.

Below you will find an in-studio performance by Izzy Cox & The Naughty Outlaws from KAOS radio.

1) Bad Bad Woman 2) Lazy Feista (Just a Feeling) 3) I Had a Dream Last Night 4) It Must Be Love 5) Electric Chair 6) Hoodoovoodoobilly Gal 7) Alone And Forsaken 8) Fucking And Fighting 9) Man of the Cloth 10) Killer From Hawaii 11) Killing My Own Kind 12) Devil Devil > Belle Gunness

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