Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Kinks Choral Concert

Ray Davies performs with the Dessoff Chamber Choir at Town Hall in New York City on Nov. 20.

As the front man and lead songwriter of the Kinks, Ray Davies helped lead the British Invasion of American pop music. The group's influence has grown over the years, as an increasing number of young musicians cite them as an influence.
The latest release (November '09) by Ray Davies, The Kinks Choral Collection — featuring the Crouch End Festival Chorus — is a collection of songs focusing mainly on The Kinks' three legendary albums (Something Else, The Village Green Preservation Society and Arthur) while also including some early material and the exceptional "Working Man's Cafe" from his solo album of the same title.

Hat tip to NPR Music.

Bonus audio material from NPR:

Hear Jeff Lunden, who sings in this concert, talk about it on All Things Considered

Hear Ray Davies Spin Some Of His Favorite Songs For 'All Songs Considered'

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