Sunday, August 29, 2010

Carolina Chocolate Drops

Today's Date In Music History (MC birthday edition):

Carolina Chocolate Drops Live at Festival Park - Greensboro, NC on August 29, 2009

Dom Flemons: 4-string banjo, guitar, jug, bones, snare
Rhiannon Giddens: 5-string banjo, fiddle, kazoo, akonting
Justin Robinson: Fiddle, jug

*Note: LMA has been experiencing some some problems with their players lately, so you'll have to advance manually after each track.

d1t01. Little Rabbit
d1t02. banter
d1t03. Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind
d1t04. banter
d1t05. Cindy Gal
d1t06. banter
d1t07. Gambia
d1t08. banter
d1t09. I Know I've Been Changed*
d1t10. banter
d1t11. Viper Mad
d1t12. banter
d1t13. Will Adams' Breakdown
d1t14. banter
d1t15. Short Life of Trouble
d1t16. banter
d1t17. Salty Dog
d1t18. banter
d1t19. Cornbread and Butterbeans
d1t20. banter
d1t21. Snowden's Jig
d1t22. banter
d1t23. Black Annie
d2t01. banter
d2t02. Old Rattler
d2t03. banter
d2t04. Yonder Comes the Blues
d2t05. banter
d2t06. Hit em Up Style
d2t07. Sourwood Mountain
d2t08. crowd > banter
d2t09. Chopsticks

Download show here (MP3)

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