Thursday, May 8, 2008

An Idiot's Take on the Election

I fail to see why the MSM has such a love affair with this inexperienced mullato.
Yes, I said MULLATO not biracial.
I refuse to kowtow to the liberal-fascists who have made political correctness the new McCarthyism.
If they (the media) are trying to back a black candidate, shouldn't they pick a black man?
This joker tries come across as a champion of the downtrodden, but he's as upper class and elitist as the moron who currently mis-leads us.
Barry O. drones on ad nauseam about change.
Change what? and Change how?
The man can't seem to speak without the teleprompter in sight. For his campaign that's a good thing, because when he tried, he denounced and alienated the common man and he's still feeling the backlash of that gun and bible comment.
Uh-Oh!, I probably stepped on some more pc toes by saying backlash about a black man.
It's becoming ever apparent that neither one of these little tyrants is capable of leading this once great nation.
Hillary can not tell fact from fiction.
She, like her dirt bag hubby, can't seem to open her mouth without spewing lies.
This election has made at least one thing perfectly clear; Howard Dean could never have been a good president.Hell, he can't even run the Democratic party.
This circus has gone on too long over there.
The constituents in both Michigan and Florida have been snubbed by Dean and the DNC. Barrack Hussein snubbed the voters in Michigan by not appearing on their ballot.
I guess he doesn't want there support.
As for McCain, I by no means endorse him, the spineless RINO.
He and Ted Kennedy can go fuck themselves!
Unfortunately, I believe he'll be the least immediately harmful to the country.
But what do I know? I'm a fucking idiot, but at least I admit it. So go ahead hate me. I hate me.

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JB said...

Wow. We're having a banner day, aren't we?