Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dock Ellis , RIP

Former major league pitcher Dock Ellis, who infamously claimed he pitched a no-hitter for Pittsburgh under the influence of LSD, has passed away.

Ellis spent 12 years in the majors with Pittsburgh, the New York Yankees, Oakland, Texas and the New York Mets. He retired in 1979 with a record of 138-119, but was best known for several colorful incidents on and off the field.

Here's an NPR Interview with Ellis: Pitching on LSD (audio below)

Ellis died Friday of a liver ailment at the age of 63.

Here's a great song (sample) inspired by that fateful game, from troubadour Chuck Brodsky.

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Jimmy said...

I had the pleasure of obtaining his autograph at a show about a year ago. He was very gracious which is not always the case with these athletes. RIP Dock.