Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Taxpayers Bailout the NY Yankees (again)

UPDATE:the Yankees are at it again.
"the Yankees just signed free agent Mark Teixeira to a 8 year 180 million dollar contract. They have spent 400 million over the last month on other various free agents. yet, they took 900 million from the taxpayers to build THEIR stadium and need another 300 million from the taxpayers to finish their stadium. I wish Barack Obama would hurry up and get back from vacation in Hawaii, so we can start seeing some of this 'change" he's been talking about!!!"

Previous Post (12/13):
NY Yankees give their new pitcher C.C. Sabathia $160 million over seven years. Yet, they TAKE $900 million from the taxpayers to build their new stadium.

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Jimmy said...

F**k the Yankees!