Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Yer Mojo Workin'

Now available, all of Mojo Nixon's library, including his new album -- free and legal!
(via boingboing, hat tip to MC)

Mojo Nixon (born Neill Kirby McMillan, Jr., August 2, 1957 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina) is an irreverent American musician, known for playing psychobilly music.

"Can't wait for Washington to fix the economy. We must take bold action now. If I make the new album free and my entire catalog free it will stimulate the economy. It might even over-stimulate the economy. History has shown than when people listen to my music, money tends to flow to bartenders, race tracks, late night greasy spoons, bail bondsman, go kart tracks, tractor pulls, football games, peep shows and several black market vices. My music causes itches that it usually takes some money to scratch."-Mojo Nixon

A supporter of the Libertarian Party, and a member of the Church of the SubGenius, Mojo has a degree in political science and history from Miami University in Ohio. He was also the honorary captain of the United States luge team at the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Nixon has always been an ardent supporter of free file sharing of recordings in MP3 and other formats. He once publicly declared his support because he said he's "not an asshole like Metallica."[*]


Mojo Nixon has also been featured as a "Drunkard Of The Issue" in Modern Drunkard Magazine

"... when I drink I wanna get drunk, man. Knee-crawlin’ drunk. That’s the whole point. Anybody who says they don’t drink to get drunk is livin’ in fantasy land."

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