Monday, March 15, 2010

Phil Lesh Turns 70!!!

Musician Phil Lesh, best known as bass player and founding member of the Grateful Dead, turns 70 years old today.

One of the strongest intellects and most extraordinary musical talents in rock history, Phil Lesh re-defined what the bass could sound like, and in so doing heavily influenced what the Dead sounded like. Instead of being part of the rhythm section, Phil's bass was a low-end guitar, and his improvised interplay with Garcia and Weir made the Dead the not-quite-rock-band rock band that it was.

After the demise of the Grateful Dead, Lesh continued to perform with the group Phil Lesh and Friends,not a traditional group in that several different lineups of musicians have played under the name, including groups featuring members of Gov't Mule, Phish, Little Feat, and the Zen Tricksters among others.
In 2009, Phil Lesh went back on tour with the remaining members of The Grateful Dead and called it The Reunion Tour. Following the 2009 summer tour Lesh proceeded to found a new band with Bob Weir named Furthur, which debuted in September 2009.
The latest incarnation of Further is currently on tour, and played a concert event, this past weekend, honoring Phil's birthday.

Listen to the Birthday Bash:

click here to download.

Phil up on some great '68

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Jimmy said...

As Neil Young said (about a car and not Phil but I'll steal it) - Long may you run.