Sunday, March 7, 2010

For Alfred

You either love or hate Al's Palace, the blog by the outspoken and abrasive Alfred.
I recently stumbled upon this "how-to" piece on starting an internet talk show.
I'm sure Al could be bigger than Rush in the world of conservative talk radio (albeit internet).

How to be an Internet Talk Show Host in under an hour! (9 Easy Steps)

  1. Make sure your broadband or DSL connection is properly set up and maintaining a steady internet connection.
  2. Visit and download the Shoutcast software, including Winamp and all plug-ins, and follow the instructions to install and configure it.
  3. Visit and download the Skype software. This is what is known as a Voice Over IP phone and is necessary if you want to take live calls during shows or wish to broadcast over another network.
  4. If you wish to have more than a handful of listeners tune in to your broadcasts, you will have to pay for bandwidth. Visit and choose a plan that best suits you. Plans can be purchased to accommodate anywhere from 30 up to "Unlimited" listeners.
  5. Hook up your PC or studio mic, any mixers you may have, and headphones.
  6. Have topics ready. The great thing about Internet radio is that there are no limits to what you can say or do. While copyright guidelines do exist when it comes to playing music, FCC regulations do not pertain to the Internet. Free speech at its best!
  7. If you are recording your broadcast, load up any recording software (Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, etc) and click record.
  8. Load up and connect your Shoutcast software.
  9. Talk


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