Sunday, May 31, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Lonesome Spurs

Lonesome Spurs are a true duo in the sense that their recordings are made live in the studio with just the two of them performing.
Lynda Kay Parker and Danny B. Harvey are the component parts of this quirky country duo.Self-described as the “White Stripes of country,” the pair's debut CD, Lonesome Spurs, shows off the retro sound they call “honky-tonk garage.” Their music is centered around the vocal stylings of Miss Parker — who plays rhythm guitar, tenor guitar, and a bass drum made from a vintage Samsonite suitcase — and the twangy lead guitar playing of Mr. Harvey.

Texas natives Lynda Kay and Danny B., first met in the wilderness country of New Zealand while they were there with their local 4H club studying the art of sheep-herding. Their studies turned out to be a very important, but extremely boring, so to pass the time, Lynda Kay and Danny B. entertained the sheep, other US national 4H members, local shepherds and the town folk by playing their odd mixture of honky-tonk, rockabilly and garage music. Being as there were no drummers in the 4H class that year and longing for the clickety-clack of a train, Lynda Kay took her raggedy old suitcase, found in a second hand store outside of Austin, rigged up a dried out gourd with some bailing wire and, before long, turned her suitcase into a bona fide drum. By the time their summer program came to an end, they had forged their own unique, original sound, and had penned over 50 original compositions. They called themselves 'The New Zealand, Honky-Tonk Sheep Herding Garage Duo of Outrageously Clever 4-H Students'. Realizing that this name was somewhat long, they later would be become the LONESOME SPURS.

"He Spelled My Name Wrong"

Medley:Folsom Prison Blues > Whole Lotta Love > Who Do You Love? > Folsom Prison Blues

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