Monday, May 25, 2009

Freedom Highway (1956)

In honor of Memorial Day, I present to you this short patriotic film (about 30 min.).

Freedom Highway shows a nation in need of spiritual and patriotic renewal, and as we'll see, this renewal is to be sought in our past.
A Greyhound bus transports us through the landscape of American mythology in this entertaining "story of America".
You'll meet an unusual group of travelers on this cross-country bus trip. Fred Schroder, embittered by the death of his son in Korea, is riding to Washington to accept a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor on the son's behalf. Jimmy Rollins, the Boy Scout, is heading to Washington for his first Jamboree. Love interest is supplied by Mary (a young Angie Dickinson) and Bill Roberts, a football hero on the make. Tex Ritter, playing himself, takes a short ride on the bus as it passes through Texas, singing about the Alamo and the "freedom road." Most important of all, a black-suited mysterious stranger (Marshall Thompson) appears, as if from nowhere, to transform the outlook of the passengers.
The bus-bound journey through space becomes a journey through time as great moments and personalities in U.S. history are recreated.

There are a lot of families whose lives are forever changed by men who gave everything for us.

They deserve our respect.

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