Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Long strange bad trip- Gustav created by halliburton"

The following rant was posted on another forum that I frequent.
I really liked the way this guy expressed his opinions, and felt that I should reprint it here so that others may read it.

" Yeah, those fucking nasty ass family values ruin a culture every time.

Tear down the walls of the oppressive compound of dad's who stay and raise their kids and racists warmongering things like boyscouts and little league baseball.

No more will our crossdressing hermaphrodites have to run from racist white mobs with torches at sporting events.

No more will our pedophiles be harassed and ostricized (spellchecker on here would be nice).

No more will those annoying botched abortions that are still squirming be rampaging through our streets with their guns and bibles. Women should be allowed to abort a pregnancy, but can we agree that if the thing is screaming and fighting the surgical equipment it might be past the window of opportunity? You can't decide to abort in the first trimester.

"Well, I never wanted the baby and those free condoms at the clinic were too inconvenient for me. I think a $350 invasive medical procedure is better for me and the baby."

Ever heard of aids? What fucking idiot was out there exchanging body fluids with strangers when there is a chance they would die, let alone be punished with a baby.

Shit I know a lot of people who should have been aborted, trust me. The hedonistic irresponsible fucktards that want to turn us into france are pretty selfish if you ask me. Lame ass men who don't have the balls to be a father but somehow have the sperm to make a baby that we all have to involuntarily pay for one way or another down the road with welfare, increased medical costs, crime, job competition, pollution, traffic, global warming. Hey wait those are liberal points, sorry. Didn't mean to show the irony in liberalism.

I know how to lower gas prices! Tax the oil companies! Brilliant, despite the fact that the tax rate is already higher than their profit rate. Hmmm I hope they wouldn't have to raise the cost to cover the tax, but that won't happen in a perfect world where everyone's taxes are lowered but somehow miraculously we all get healthcare. A world where we can sit at the table with dictators and attack pakistan. A place where we can make the most productive citizens pay a higher portion of their money to cover the unproductive's deficit. Perfect, let's punish the successful, hinder capitalism with more regulations and refuse to drill out the oil that cuba and china is now drilling from our waters. Brilliant. All these emotionally charged retards do not see this?

We need to close the public schools as well, or place overpaid radical asshole professors in teaching positions so we can match the inflated tuition costs of universities.
Or we could jsut blame bush, done deal. Next.

The irony of someone calling out the runner up on their experience when their teams starting pitcher hasn't done anything themselves. Unreal. I think the clintons are satanic but honestly, hillary has way more experience and has more balls to stand up to our enemies instead of attacking us from within.

Never thought I would be defending family values, but I honestly never thought they would come under attack." ~NoiseCollector

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