Thursday, April 16, 2009

Right Wing Extremists- Tea Party Exposed

Hopefully, I shall get back on track with my normal bogging routine soon.In the mean time, here's a little multimedia Tea Party project from my associate N.C. (not to be confused with M.C., with whom I attended a Connecticut Tea Party on Wednesday.).

I will preface the video with N.C.'s original intro (excuse the spelling and grammatical errors, for that is not his forte) :

If you watched foxnews last night you would think a patriotic revolution had started in an attempt to save what is left of this republic.

If you watched CNN, except for one delusional report from some idiot woman who seemed to miss the whole point, you would not know there were any protests at all.

And if you watched MSNBC for some strange reason, especially that dude rachel maddow, you would think there was a klan rally happening. She thinks calling obama a marzists is racist! Really! I swear, I actually sat through her and that other dildo's show to see the real spin they accuse fox of and somehow being patriotic is racist but portraying the idiot bush as hitler and attacking white people and dangling your penis in public are admirable ways to protest. Critical Theory at it's finest....

Anyway, I decided to cast of the shackles of corporate media censorship and record audio, video and images from the local "tea party" (sorry rachel, teabagging is something you will never appreciate). I expose these racist extremists in all their white ignorant glory (please ignore the minorities in the crowd or it won't seem racist enough).

I used EVERY single picture I took. I have audio of a democrat speaking. Their were more libertarians, constitutionalists and independants than republicans from what I could gather, but the RACIST PATRIOT NAZI's did not fail to disgust me with their flags and lack of violence.

See for your self:
"I went undercover to catch the nazi obama haters in action. Waiting for them to do something white and stupid and boy I didn't have to wait long. They failed to burn or flip over any cars, no blood and not one arrest! Lame protest posers! "~N.C. (aka NoiseCollector)

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Jimmy said...

Cablevision just sent me a notice saying they were going to take away (P)MSNBC unless I switched to Optimum. Boy there's a threat.