Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"When did the government get into the freaking car business?!!!"

Here goes another rant from Bob:
"General Motors is at it again. A report came out today that says General Motors spent 2.8 million dollars in order to lobby the government for more money. We already gave these people billions in the freaking bailouts. Then they take 3 million of that money and use it to ask us for more money. are you freaking kidding me?! This is like your father going bankrupt. Then taking his credit card down to the store buying a 500 dollar suit in order to go to the bank and ask for a freaking loan! Ask yourself. Why didn't GM use that 3 million to pay some of the workers they've been laying off for the last couple of months? Why didn't GM take that 3 million and invest it back into their ailing company? Do you know why GM is failing right now? NOT because of the bad economy. Because they suck! Because their management is a freaking joke! And I know what you're saying, but Bob they're an "American company". We have to help out the "American company". Thats all propaganda this "American company" nonsense. You know where GM gets a lot of their freaking parts? Mexico and Germany! You know where a lot of GM cars are assembled? Mexico and Canada! So don't give me this American company nonsense. You know what my definition of an American Company is? A company that hires American workers. Toyota has an American Company in this country and they are successful. They hire American workers. We should have taken the bailout money we gave to GM and given it to Toyota. Maybe they could haver opened up another plant and hired the workers that GM is going to have to fire in the next couple of months! But, No. We have to help GM. Do you know that the government is giving people 5000 dollars towards the purchase of a GM car? If you have an old car you can drive it into a GM dealer and THE GOVERNMENT will give you 5000 dollars towards a new GM car. Are you freaking kidding me?! Why?!! When did the government get into the freaking car business?!!! The government is also backing GM warranties. If you buy a GM car and GM goes out of business the government will honor that warranty. are you kidding me?! HOW!!! How are they going to do this? Is there a auto repair shop underneath the White House that nobody told me about? Is Barack Obama going to come out in a pair of overalls and a wrench and start fixing cars? No!! I'll tell you how the government is going to honor those warranties if GM goes out of business. they're going to take YOUR freaking tax dollars and start paying auto repair shops all over the freaking country to fix those freaking freaking cars!! That's how they're going to do it!"
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