Thursday, September 18, 2008


"Death, death, death it's the price I pay
It's a sick world, what can I say?
No such thing as an even break
It's stealing and cheating, take, take, take
~Dee Dee Ramone

Dee Dee Ramone was born Douglas Glenn Colvin on this date in 1951.
He is best remembered as the original bassist, and a founding member of punk rock group The Ramones.
Dee Dee, known for his distinctive count-in style used to start off many Ramones songs, was the group's primary lyricist and songwriter.
Dee Dee left the group in 1989, but continued to write songs for the Ramones until 1996, when they disbanded.
After leaving the Ramones, Colvin started a brief career as a rapper calling himself "Dee Dee King".
Dee Dee struggled with drug addiction and in June 2002 he was found dead from a heroin overdose.

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