Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Heartbeat Away...

... from relevance

Just my two cents, but what difference does it really make?
Many people know that Joe Biden is a jack-ass, and some people might think that Sarah Palin is a piece of ass.
In the end, it really makes little difference.After all, the most vital job of the vice president is already done by the time they take office.That task being "balancing the ticket".Congratulations, your party's nominee considered you disparate from themselves.All that's left now is to sit around and wait.
As for the argument over experience in this particular case, it seems moot.Palin may have"too little experience" to be second chair, but she is no less experienced than the other teams starting pitcher.
Whichever candidate wins this presidential election, they will be in a position of great power, however there is one power that they will lack. They cannot make laws. Only the legislative branch can make law. The legislative branch, you know?, like that Democratic congress with the lowest approval rating ever.

That's just my two cents.What do I know? I'm no more than an idiot and I'm sure my "claim is totally irrelevant".

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