Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here's Another Rant...

... from NoiseCollector, cut and pasted in its entirety (no editing):

'an inconvenient ommission of the context, as usual in the USofKKKA

"I believe in evolution, but after seeing how many people flock around an empty suit in the name of some bullshit promise of change that won't come, I start to think we are de-evolving.

Animals in the wild kill or chase off their weaker and defective members because it damages the gene pool of the species. We give ours TV shows and viagra and false hope that all are deserving of rewars, regardless of how hard they work for it.

As for the troop pull out, are you reading the entire article?

THE GENERAL IS REQUESTING THE WITHDRAWL, ya know the guy who knows what's going on and does what is in the best interest of our troops? Not some liberal politician with racist and anarchist friends. Come on, I know you can do this. The human brain is an amazing thing, use it.

And lastly, the religious people on this planet have screwed things up pretty bad but I find it ironic once again that some citizens who claim to be more tolerant and progressive than us patriotic warmongering neocons (funny) attack someone's beliefs but won't say a damn thing about any other countries what would take their personal opinion and legislate it to opress millions around the world.

Why are none of these "inactivists" protesting outside the chinese embassy or the saudi embassy? Why are there no demonstrations on the streets of satan francisco about russia being imperislists or colonialist? Why don't these people, instead of dressing up like creature cantina patrons and throwing shit at cops start their own party? Vote? Run for office themselves with viable solutions to what the big parties have failed to do for so long?

The answer is quite simple. They are full of shit and have no viable solution, they have no answers themselves and just want to be little revolutionaries without a revolution.

The racists, warmongering neocons who started this country were not perfect and neither are any of us so let's keep that in perspective. What they did do, was build in safeguards against tyranny and leave a service panel on the mechanism of government so that when the time for change comes, it can. The constitution is a fluid and flexible document that can evolve along with society. The folks who started this country were coming from countries where the governemt was some dude in a powdered wig with spandex on (are we heading towards full circle?). They left us a government we can fix and improve and we did.

Woman's right to vote was an amendment, what use doe we have for feminism now that a woman is running for VP and one almost ran for president, had she not aligned herself with disloyal and unapreciative empty shells, she would be running now. The glass ceiling is about to be history, I heard that from two women lately from opposing sides of the political spectrum but I am sure some will not agree.

Civil rights movement, starting with emacipation and ending with ending jim crow laws and culminating in an african american becoming a nominee (ignore the fact that he is half white as another inconvenience). Hmmm looks liek jesse jackson can retire now, maybe he can preach at trintiy once in a while to stay active. Let's ignore the progress there and move on to another one.

Labor laws were added that prevent child labor, abusive work environments, discrimination, etc. It's all freely available for public consumption. Makes you wonder how the unions stay in business. I sure wish the teamsters would start mexican, chinese and indian chapters so we can have those jobs back...

Obama actually admitted the surge worked, finally. I hope it thanks john mccain soon, it was him and his pal leiberman that made it happen against the populist flow of ideas in washington.

Let's look at obama's main objectives:

Withdraw from iraq- darn, not much of an issue anymore.

Attack terrorist in pakistan- oops just did that, sorry.

Sit down and shoot the shit with iran- will libya work? Oh wait, they turned over their nuke program after we invaded iraq and are making ammeneds for past behavior... let's ignore this one and move on.

Lower gas prices- by taxing the oil companies? I am not a market analyst but if I was selling lemonade on the sreet for a quarter and had to pay a nickel to uncle sam and then suddenly I have to pay a dime, the friggin lemonade ain't gonna be a quarter anymore bitches, my shit is 30 cent nah. Go figure.

There are others but does anyone honestly think any of that shit is true? Come on people now, smile on your brother. "

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