Monday, September 1, 2008

Burning Man

Burning Man festival is drawing to a close.

"There's a place.
A wonderous place.
Where Like minded individuals gather out on the playa.
They subscribe to a whole new set of ideas.
They represent a new found society Where creativity flows
And parameters are as wide as the open terrain.
That place. That wonderous place is called.....
Hey are you going to burning man bury your toes in the desert sand.
Aint no man forth gonna tell you how to be..
Come on down with me to burning man. I got a recipe for cosmic flan.
Strip off your clothes and set your aura free.
There's a place I know called Black Rock City where we're about to get down
to the nitty gritty. We're all children of the stars above searching for answers and feasting on... Love!
Hey are ya going to burning man? I got a big ol slab of veggie ham.
Come to camp Disorient and bring some soy cheese.
Free thinking people at burning man, Amazing Larry's got the master plan.
It's all about just letting myself be me. There's a gal I know called Moon Stone Annie she blows flames right out her fanny. You ought'a see her walking on the tight wire, juggling bananas while her hair is on fire.
Come on down with me to burning man.
It's a fabulous place.
A Fabulous Land.
oooh yeah
Art love love and art art for love.
It's all about just letting myself be me." ~Les Claypool

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